Demarcation systems

Demarcation systems are an ideal roof safety solution on flat roofs, preventing access to hazards during routine rooftop maintenance, or outlining a safe access route across a rooftop when required.

Our demarcation systems have been specially designed to withstand high winds and bad weather, making them the best choice for a simple and easy to install barrier system for flat roofs. It requires no fixings to the roof, and has been tested on a range of roof surfaces in wind speeds of over 105 mph.

Traditional systems become unstable at wind speeds of 50 mph, with the Met office reporting 77 occurrences of such events in the UK in just the past 10 years. The Roof Safety Supplies system has been shown to stand up to winds of over twice this speed, thanks to its unique and intelligent design.

Its bases have been developed with high winds in mind, and has been thoroughly tested to ensure that no better design exists. Each base weighs 16.8kg, and this weight is distributed to the base’s perimeter, greatly reducing the risk of wind uplift.

The system’s upright poles are fabricated from latticed stainless steel, which ensures that wind circulates through the system, rather than pushing it over. This also prevents unnecessary damage to the roof, by making sure that the pole does not oscillate in the wind.

For more information on our demarcation systems, read the product guide here, and the installation guide here.

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