MEDGUARD guardrails

MEDGUARD guardrails provide bespoke solutions for a range of individual roof safety needs. Each free-standing barrier system is designed for the specific requirements of each client, and is tested and designed to Temporary Edge Protection EN 13374.

We provide only the highest quality, durable roof safety solutions, designed to stand the test of time. All our guardrails are constructed from robust galvanised steel and fixed with high-grade stainless steel screw fixings, meaning they are rust-resistant yet lightweight.

We offer a full design, supply and delivery service. Our comprehensive range of edge protection solutions and the knowledge of our expert team mean that we can design a guardrail system to meet the needs of any client, for any building.

For more information about MEDGUARD guardrails, read our operations and maintenance manual here, and view our safety test certificate here.


MEDGUARD Standard Edge Protection

Our standard guardrail system is our most cost-effective edge protection system, and is suitable for the majority of buildings. Its simple design means that it is easy to install, and the rail’s flat rubber feet ensure that it will not obstruct the path of roof users, and poses little or no trip hazard.

MEDGUARD Folding Edge Protection

Our folding edge protection has been designed for sites that require an approach that respects and maintains the building’s original aesthetics. For listed buildings, for example, a folding guardrail means that workers using the roof can stay safe at height, without the risk of the rail becoming a blight on a particularly special building’s appearance.

MEDGUARD Inclined Edge Protection

Our inclined guardrail offers a streamlined option which slopes away from the edge of the roof, so it is almost undetectable from street level. It has the added bonus of keeping roof users even further away from the roof edge, making it an even safer, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the building for regular users.

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